Capricorn XS PTFE Tubing, OD 4mm, ID 2mm, 0.25m long

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Genuine Capricorn XS PTFE tubing designed for bowden tubing on 3D printers.  This is very low friction, very high accuracy PTFE tubing designed and manufactured by Capricorn in the USA.  The vision of Capricorn is to manufacture the world’s best bowden tubing for 3D printers.  If you feel it, you will notice how smooth it is and the quality of the product.

Please note: We sell this tube in 0.25m lengths, but if you order more than one, we will send you one continuous length.  For example, if your order quantity is 2, then we will send you 1 x 0.5m length.  If your order quantity is 5, then we will send you 1 x 1.25m length.


  • ID = 1.9mm ± 0.05mm
  • OD = 3.95mm ± 0.05mm
  • Roundness variation < 0.1mm
  • Length = 0.25m (If you order multiple lengths, we will send you one continuous length)
  • Color: Dark Blue
  • Maximum Temperature = 340 Deg C
  • Density = 2300 kg/m^3


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