BTT SKR V1.4, 32Bit Controller (DC-DC Module)



Please Note: This SKR V1.4 DC-DC Edition is exactly the same as the original BTT SKR V1.4 Controller, but includes the specialised DC-DC module that gives the board better power delivery for 5V extras, such as an RGB Led Strip, a Servo-based auto levelling system, or other expansions with high power draw.



If you’ve been keeping up with the latest boards from BigTreeTech, then you will know that this is more than just a humble replacement part, but is rather a massive upgrade that is compatible with an impressively wide range of 3D Printers. And while the BigTreeTech SKR V1.3 Motherboard was certainly an amazing addition to the range, this more recent V1.4 edition really steps up the game with even more functional ports, better power delivery around the board, more interfacing options for both drivers and motors, and even a novel dual Z-stepper output to accommodate dual-z capabilities without having to splice or split any wiring!

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the three key features that we simply love about the BigTreeTech V1.4, and what kinds of cool benefits this board offers:

  • An Affordable 32bit Processor – Although this isn’t a new feature compared to the SKR V1.3, we definitely feel that it’s awesome enough to make it into the top three features for the SKR V1.4. This is because, for years, 8bit boards dominated the market and performed extremely well, although with all of the more modern improvements, firmware updates and other minor upgrades along the way, 8bit boards simply can’t offer the quality that we know we can achieve in 3D Printing. This is why we get so excited with the fact that anyone can now enjoy a 32bt motherboard for relatively cheap, for faster potential printing speeds, smoother arches and curves, and overall more power to accommodate future upgrades and advances as 3D Printing continuously evolves.
  • More Interface Ports for Extras: When taking a glance at the layout of this board, it’s easy to see that the SKR V1.4 has been specially designed for maximum functionality, offering extra ports all over the board for even more features. These new ports include a secondary Z-Output for dual z-axis setups, more fan ports for control box and enclosure cooling, specialised ports for a Servo and Sensor Probe, as well as dedicated RGB LED and WiFi ports too. And of course, just like the SKR V1.3, these boards also offer the specialised ports for closed loop steppers like the MKS SERVO42A and MKS SERVO57, for Makers who really like to take their 3D Printing to the next level. These extra interfacing options not only add to the functionality of the board, but also allow you to really customise your 3D Printer, and we’ve honestly been very impressed with just how many extras BigTreeTech managed to fit onto this sleek and stylish board.
  • Improved Design & Layout: Although this is a relatively minor upgrade compared to the previous two, it is a welcome addition nonetheless, as this new design has removed some of the redundant parts like jumper configuration pin-sets, while replacing those with integrated functionality instead. A good example of this is how sensorless homing on the SKR V1.3 would need to be defined by the jumpers before powering up the board, whereas now you can simply define it within the firmware without having to power down the board. This, and a few other minor improvements, are a very valuable upgrades for Makers who really like to tinker and experiment, and the ability to tinker is one of our favourite aspects of BigTreeTech SKR Motherboards.

Finally, if you’ve already fallen in love with this board (like we have), but are looking for just a little bit more power, then you should definitely take a look at the BigTreeTech SKR V1.4 Turbo Controller Board, which offers all of the awesome SKR V1.4 features, but includes a beefed up processor for an extra 20MHz of CPU speed. Furthermore, if you’re not planning on using some of the newer 5V extras, such as the RGB LED Strip Port or a Servo-based levelling sensor, then you may want to get the BigTreeTech SKR V1.4 Standard Edition, which doesn’t include the specialised DC-DC Module, making it a slightly cheaper option.

Please Note: This board can operate on both the main DC power input as well as USB power, and you need to choose between the power inputs by using a jumper over the 3 onboard pins with the “VDD” & ”USB” labels in order to avoid causing unexpected damage. However, it must be noted that this board cannot actually print from USB power, which means that the USB power select is primarily just for interfacing with the board when setting up or flashing firmware.

Additional Note: It’s important to realise that this board does not come with Stepper Drivers included, so if you don’t have any spare stepper drivers, be sure to check out the stepper driver compatibility of this board below



  • Main Control Chip
– 100MHz ARM Cortex-M3 LPC1768
  • Input Voltage
– 12V / 24V DC (Optional)
  • Stepper Driver Compatibility
– TMC2100 | TMC2130

– TMC2208 | TMC2209 | TMC2225

– TMC5160 | TMC5161

– A4988 | DRV8825 | ST820 | LV8729

– Also Supports External Drivers

  • Integrated Extra Functions
– Print Resume Functionality

– Filament Break Detection

– Automatic Shutdown After Print

– Automatic Bed Levelling

– BLTouch Capable

– UART / SPI Driver Compatible

  • Motor Interfaces
– X | Y | Z1/Z2 | E0 | E1

– Each Offers up to 256 Subdivisions

– Z Axis Features Dual Output

– Closed Loop Stepper Interface

  • Heating Element Interfaces
– HE0: Extruder 1 Terminal

– HE1: Extruder 2 Terminal

– HB: Heated Bed Terminal

  • Thermistor Interfaces
– TH0: Extruder 1 Port

– TH1: Extruder 2 Port

– TB: Heated Bed Port

  • Display Interfaces
– EXP1 + EXP2: LCD Display Ports

– AUX-1: Port for TFT Display

– Supports TFT28 | TFT35 | LCD2004 | LCD12864

  • End Stop Ports
– X- | X+

– Y- | Y+

– Z- | Z+

  • Additional Interfaces
– USB-B Port: Computer to Board Interface

– TF Card Slot: Printing from Micro SD Card

– CNC Fan Port: PWM Capable for Speed Control

– 3 x Fan Ports: For Always-On Cooling Fans

– 3-Pin LED Port: For RGB LED Strips & Neopixels

– WiFi Port: For Dedicated ESP-01S WiFi Module

  • Firmware Support
– Marlin2.0 | Smoothieware
  • Parts Included with the SKR V1.4
– USB-B Cable

– DC-DC Power Delivery Module

  • Weight
– ±160g
  • Dimensions
– 85 x 110mm


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