BTT SKR 32Bit Controller (Reprap 3D Printers)

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With so many cool features built into this board, as well as loads of room for further expansions and upgrades, it’s hard to pinpoint just a few of the key aspects that make this board so amazing. However, we must admit that there are a few that stand out from the rest, and really do well to differentiate this board from the rest of the amazing boards in the BTT SK Motherboards Range. These are very focused on functionality, and as such, we feel that these are the most beneficial features that the BTT SKR Pro Controller offers:

  • Supports 6 Stepper Drivers – With 3D Printing getting faster, more efficient and more precise, it’s no surprise that we’re finally seeing controllers that offer more than just the basics, with the BTT SKR Pro offering support for up to 6 stepper drivers, catering to both a second and a third extruder. This means that you can finally print in tri-colour, in multiple materials, or in other unique ways by utilizing an extra axis for more extruder control. And if that wasn’t enough, this board also offers dual outputs for dual-z setups, compatibility with a wide range of Stepper Drivers, as well as support for both UART and SPI in addition to Step/Dir.
  • Expansion Ports for Any Upgrade – When looking at the BTT SKR Pro for the first time, it’s easy to see that this board was built for ultimate upgrade and expansion compatibility, with ports and pins strewn all over the board for various components. In fact, if you can think of an upgrade, there’s a high probably that the BTT SK Pro can support it, and this is proof in the fact that it even offers expansion ports and pins designed for future upgrades that haven’t been introduced to the market yet. These awesome ports and pins ensure that the BTT SKR Pro is not only ready to handle whatever upgrades you throw at it, but will also be quite future-proof, especially when coupled with the powerful high-speed processor.
  • Dedicated Power Lanes for Major Components – If you’ve been involved in 3D Printing for a while now, you’ll understand that heat generation has always been a bit of a hassle, with some boards behaving quite dangerously when presented with the perfect storm of certain conditions. And while we’ve never had one of our models burn a table or cause any serious damage, these kinds of potential problems are always a genuine concern. This is why we’re so happy to see better, more effective ways of delivering power to the major components, with the SKR Pro being a great example. On this board, instead of all of the power coming in through a single input, the power lanes have been split so that you can supply dedicated power to the stepper drivers, the heatbed, as well as the board. And while this doesn’t necessarily add to print quality or 3D Printer functionality, it dramatically reduces the temperatures apparent on the board, which in turn reduces potential dangers associated with those temperatures, and certainly does provide genuine peace of mind.


Please Note: This board can operate on both the main DC power input as well as USB power, and you need to choose between the power inputs by using a jumper over the 3 onboard pins labelled “IN | VCC | USB” in order to avoid causing unexpected damage. However, it must be noted that this board cannot actually print from USB power, which means that the USB power select is primarily just for interfacing with the board when setting up or flashing firmware.

Additional Note: It’s important to realise that this board does not come with Stepper Drivers included, so if you don’t have any spare stepper drivers, be sure to check out the stepper driver compatibility of this board below



  • Main Control Chip                              
– 168MHz ARM Cortex-M4 STM32F407ZGT2
  • Input Voltage
– Three Separate Inputs from Single PSU

– Board: 12V / 24V DC (Optional)

– Motors/Drivers: 12V / 24V DC

– Heatbed: 12V / 24V DC

  • Stepper Driver Compatibility
– TMC2130 | TMC5160

– TMC2208 | TMC2209

– A4988 | DRV8825 | ST820 | LV8729

  • Integrated Extra Functions
– Print Resume Functionality

– Filament Break Detection

– Automatic Shutdown After Print

– Automatic Bed Levelling

– BLTouch Capable

– UART / SPI Driver Compatible

  • Motor Interfaces
– X | Y | Z1/Z2 | E0 | E1 | E2

– Support for Third Extruder

– Z Axis Features Dual Output

  • Heating Element Interfaces
– HEAT0: Extruder 1 Terminal (PWM Capable)

– HEAT1: Extruder 2 Terminal (PWM Capable)

– HEAT2: Extruder 3 Terminal (PWM Capable)

– HOT BED: Heated Bed Terminal (PWM Capable)

  • Thermistor Interfaces
– T0: Heated Bed Port

– T1: Extruder 1 Port

– T2: Extruder 2 Port

– T3: Extruder 3 Port

  • Display Interfaces
– EXP1 + EXP2: LCD Display Ports

– AUX-1: Port for TFT Display

– Supports TFT28 | TFT35 | LCD2004 | LCD12864

  • End Stop Ports
– X- | X+

– Y- | Y+

– Z- | Z+

  • Additional Interfaces
– USB-B Port: Computer to Board Interface

– USB-A Port: For Flashdrives (Future Feature)

– TF Card Slot: Printing from Micro SD Card

– 3 x CNC Fan Port: PWM Capable for Speed Control

– WiFi Port: For Dedicated ESP-01S WiFi Module

– I2C | UART | SPI Port: For Extras like BLTouch

  • Firmware Support
– Marlin2.0 | Smoothieware
  • Parts Included with the SKR V1.4
– USB-B Cable
  • Weight
– ±170g
  • Dimensions
– 95 x 147mm


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