XTC Combo Kit 181g


3D Print Coating

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XTC-3D is a 2 part resin designed to smooth out 3D Printed parts.  It consist of a clear liquid which can be applied with a brush to most 3D Printed plastics to give it a smooth glossy finish.  Thus it will not affect the colour of the component and will also serve as a protective layer.  After application components can be sanded down to give it a matt finish and to smooth it out further.  This product is widely used to smooth out components before painting or moulding.


  • Amount:  (181 gram)
  • Can be used on: ABS, PLA, Nylon, Taulman filaments, HIPS and PETG
  • Color: Transparent
  • Box contents: 2 part resin, instructions, measuring cup, mixing spatula and application brush
  • Manufactured by Smooth-On in the USA
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