V-Slot Wheel Kit


V-Slot Wheel kit to run on V-Slot aluminium profiles.  Accurately machined, durable and reliable.  These wheels are used in 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines and other linear motion machines.  It is a cost effective, durable and accurate solution for these applications.

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This includes everything you need to mount the wheel to a plate.  The kit consists of:

  • Delrin V-Wheel
  • 2 x 625 sealed bearings
  • Precision shim
  • Aluminium mounting spacer
  • Bolt: M5 x 25
  • Lock Nut: M5

This kit is designed to be mounter to a plate up to 3mm thickness.  If you want to mount it to a thicker plate, you will need a longer screw.

To be able to set the pre-load between the wheels, eccentric nuts are used for this purpose.


  • Wheel size: OD = 24mm, Width = 10mm
  • Wheel material: Delrin
  • Wheel hardness: M80
  • Wheel compressive strength: 63 MPa
  • Bolt size: M5 x 25
  • Bearing size: 625 bearing
  • Mounting Spacer Size: OD = 10mm, ID = 5.7mm, Length = 6.3mm

For instructions on how to assemble the V-Wheel assembly, please view this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMtHy7sDNG4


Available additionally a R15 each:

Eccentric nut to preload a V-wheel assembly.  On a V-wheel carriage, the one side has fixed wheels and the other side has floating wheels.  The floating wheels can be adjusted with these eccentric nuts to obtain the correct preload.  An adjustment of 0.79mm can be made with this nut.



  • Nut size: 10mm across flats (No. 10 spanner)
  • Spacer length: 6mm
  • Hole size for screw: 5.5mm
  • Hole size in plate: 7.3mm
  • Adjustment allowed: 0.79mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel

For instructions on how to assemble the V-Wheel assembly with eccentric nuts, please view this video:


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