CRON Craft CNC to Laser Upgrade (2.5 Watt)


CRON Craft CNC to Laser Upgrade


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Do you want to add a laser to your Cron Craft CNC machine?  This upgrade kit was designed to fit onto the Cron Craft CNC machine at add laser functionality. The upgrade kit comes with a manual, assembly instructions and safety goggles.  This is the perfect addition for your CNC machine.

The laser is a high quality blue laser module for laser engraving.  The laser can cut soft materials as well, but the laser is designed for engraving, so cutting with this laser for extended periods of time will degrade the laser.

It has a variable lens to set the focus.  The aluminium housing and forced air cooling ensures efficient cooling for optimal operation and long service life.  The intensity of the laser can be adjusted via the TTL/PWM signal.  Please see below for the materials that can be processed with this laser.

The latest installation instructions can be found here: Laser Assembly Instructions

The downloadable data on the Mega Upload folder can be found here: Cron Craft Mega Upload Folder


  • Laser Type: Variable Focus Engraving Laser
  • Laser wavelength: 405 – 450nm (depending on the laser module selected)
  • This laser upgrade kit includes a set of laser protective goggles
  • Spot type: Dotted (adjustable)
  • Lens: Variable focus lens
  • Laser power: 2.5 Watt or 5.5 Watt
  • Cooling method: Forced Air Cooling
  • Housing material: Anodized aluminum
  • Module material: Copper
  • Life Time: 6000 hours
  • Working temperature:-40 to 75 Degree Celsius
  • Materials to be processed: Wood, Paper, Card board, Fabric, Canvas, Leather, Foam, Acrylic (only dark colours), Painted metal surface

Please note:

  • Always wear laser protective goggles (Included with laser) when operating a laser.  This is not a toy, it is a powerful industrial tool.
  • The colour of the material being processed can have a major influence on the efficiency of the laser, for example transparent and white perspex cannot be processed, but black perspex can be processed.
  • Processing material with shiny surfaces like shiny metals can reflect the laser energy back into the laser which will damage the laser.
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