3D Printer Inspection


Hourly Rate of R300.00 applicable to Kara’s Kreations Machines.

Hourly Rate of R450.00 applicable to external Company Machines.

*External Company Machine warranty claim will not be handled by Kara’s Kreations Staff if found defective.


Description/Terms & Conditions

Machine inspection is performed by Kara’s Kreations Technical Staff.
If the machine requires repairs due to a factory fault, the machine will be sent to Manufacturer for repair.
If the machine requires repair due to an operator error, Kara’s Kreations will complete process and customer will be held liable for costs.
An hourly rate of R300.00 is charged for inspection time.
An additional amount will be charged for new parts required damaged by machine user.
Machine will only be released once full payment has been made to Kara’s Kreations 3D Printing & Designs Pty Ltd.
An accurate report will be issued for machine inspection.
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