Printing Services

Kara’s Kreations 3D Printing offers custom 3D Printing designs specializing in the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Fields.

*Cost Depending on Time spent for Designing

Standard Design Fee – R150.00 per Hour– Simple Designs

Standard Design Fee – R300.00 per Hour– Intricate Designs

STL File Fee- Design Fee per Hour x 2

Custom Drawing Fee- Design Fee per Hour x 3

CAD File Fee- Design Fee per Hour x 4



Our Sister Company- A&A 3D Printing, offers sublime 3D Printing Services with the amazing Flashforge Creator 3 at their side, along with many other top of the range 3D Printers to cater to your EVERY need as skilled Professionals in the Industry.

A&A 3D Printing Catalogue Link:

Watch the Flashforge Creator 3 in Action Below

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